Our company was created in the Czech Republic under the name Šijeme hravě (www.sijemehrave.cz). Over the years, our patterns became known for their quality. We pride ourselves that our patterns are original, feminine and unique. We focus on women patterns, where we have by far the largest collection of indie patterns in Czechia, over a 100. However, our collection also includes some men and children patterns. We wish to share our makes with the wider world and hope to introduce all our patterns on Makerist or on our eshop on Etsy.

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The business founder, the creative spirit and the pattern maker is Lenka Kovářová. She has a lifetime experience in the sewing industry before creating her own brand, Playful Stitches (Šijeme hravě).

But Playful Stitches – it’s not Lenka on her own. The other team members are Jana Schlegelová, who is responsible for IT and stuff like that :-), Martina Johnson, who translate our patterns and manuals into english. And at least Irena Roudnická, who is responsible for graphic side of our sewing patterns for world wide market.