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Drawing and tracing sewing patterns

Basic rules for drawing on fabric Always fold the fabric face to face. On white fabric, use classic white chalk or non-permanent fabric markers (coloured chalks line could shine through, and coloured chalk can leave a hard-to-remove mark on light fabric). Also draw the pattern outlines on the mirrored pattern pieces. Always draw thin lines; …


How to measure the figure correctly

Taking body measurement is not as complicated as it may seem at first glance. Just follow a few basic rules: Measure accurately – Hold the tape measure, not too tight or too loose. If you can, ask someone to measure you. Stand naturally and look straight ahead. Tie a string around your waist, so you …


What are seam allowances and how to work with them?

The patterns on our website are always without seam allowances. So what are seam allowances? The edges of the pattern pieces create a line, and this line marks where the seam or edge of the garment is created when sewn together. In order to sew the pieces together, we need to add seam allowances to …